Brilliant technology from the Black Forest

Quality nozzles with sapphires and rubies, excellent precision bearings, precise services and customer-specific components made from sapphire and ruby – that is brilliant workshop-quality technology made in Germany; that is the world of Oskar Moser.

Image: Oskar Moser nozzles

Sapphire & Ruby

Technical gemstones in various geometries and shapes – we reliably supply the desired components.

Image: Oskar Moser nozzles

The perfect nozzle

The precise, coherent jet that cuts or cleans – Oskar Moser has the quality that you are looking for.

Image: Oskar Moser nozzles

Bearing many ideas in mind

With highly fine sapphire bearings from Oskar Moser, you can cope with any situation perfectly and precisely.

Image: Oskar Moser nozzles

Matching technology

Modern equipment, current techniques – we employ the right technologies for the perfect result.